After viewing several of Michelle’s YouTube videos, we knew we wanted to pursue the art of tantra with Michelle. We had an introductory phone conversation with her. She sent us some upfront videos to watch and it was off to see Michelle.

When we got there, Michelle was very inviting and we felt very comfortable with her. Our session started with a sit-down discussion to get to know each other and review our personal goals.

In our sessions, we learned so much about tantra and tapped into a whole different side of ourselves. The full-body tantric massage training was amazing and allowed us to reach a deeper intimate connection with each other. This connection carries on in our everyday lives and relationships. Our sex life is also more pleasurable, fun, enlightened, and complete now by a big percentage.

The tantra we learned and practiced during our two-day immersion with Michelle was very fulfilling and certainly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to a return visit to see Michelle and to further expand our tantra energy and techniques.

Thank you Michelle for all you have done for us and so many others…