Despite modern taboos or preconceived notions, Tantra is about so much more than sex. It’s about reconnecting with your own source of unconditional LOVE.
Once connected in compassion and acceptance, you can share that gift with others and experience the BLISS of Divine Union through loving intimacy.
Tantric practices teach us how to feel fully alive, with a heightened sense of pleasure and self-awareness. When we awaken to the healing power of our intimacy and being available to all our sensations and emotions. We also get to experience the gifts of sacred sexuality and our intuitive intelligence.
During this one-of-a-kind experience, Michelle will guide you through expansive tantric breathing, ecstatic movement, conscious touch, authentic communication, and intentional meditative experiences.
The class will close with a soothing sound experience that includes drumming, sound bowls, Native American flutes, and other instruments.
Important note: all classes are fully clothed, all touch has mutual consensual agreements, and is based in authentic communication.
Aphrodisiac Oils will be included to bring a heightened sense to each practice.